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Are you considering a life transition?  Do you feel you are meant to do something different than what you are doing now?  Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward because of your limitations?  Are you searching for a deeper meaning in your life?  Do you need new personal skills to move forward you cannot learn in a conventional classroom? 
At T. Do Personal Development Services we believe that life transitions do not have to be uncomfortable or avoided.  In fact, we believe that change can happen with creativity and passion -- with the right support behind you.  Skill building is our expertise and we have instructors and coaches who will help you live your best.  We believe in inspiring you to reach your highest potential and improving your quality of life with the right coach.  We honor that you are the expert in your own life and we are a team member on your side.
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Do not hold back on this moment to do something significant to change your life! 
  1. Dr. JD Friedman
    Clinical and Sports Psychologist
    “Dr. Do has been one of the more soulful and spiritually perceptive people I’ve met in life. She has served as both a trusted guide and valued educator to me while generously sharing her wisdom for well over a decade. Her influence has been felt not only in my professional life, where I am without question a better psychologist and therapist for knowing her, but also in my personal life where I have learned to develop healthier and more fulfilling relationships thanks to her encouragement and support. I recall one conversation in which she emphasized to me that my next task in my growth was to develop greater and greater “discernment” in my life choices, particularly related to whom I should trust in my most important relationships. To all those seekers of knowledge and growth, I too heartily encourage you to use discernment in choosing who you will take to coach, guide and mentor you. And if you do, I am confident you will choose Dr. Do and you will not be disappointed that you did.” JD Friedman Psy.D. Clinical and Sports Psychologist In Private Practice Cedar Grove, NJ
  2. Dr. Andrea Karp
    Clinical Psychologist
    I have known Dr. Thuy Do since 2002 when we began graduate school together. At that time and today, Dr. Do is someone to have around to discuss various topics or to solve a challenging problem. She is a trusted colleague that is at the top of my list for consultation. Dr. Do is a warm, calm, and pleasant person whose thoughtful comments, mixed with natural wisdom and wealth of experience, help to break down a challenge and lend valuable insight. These qualities, coupled with her extensive experience working in communications, her passion for organizational leadership, sincere appreciation for diversity, and natural talent for storytelling, makes Dr. Do an exceptional coach. Dr. Do’s previous experiences demonstrate her comfort and success in working with people of all backgrounds. She is comfortable and competent to work with people from all backgrounds and stages of life. Whether you are a student, administrative or line staff, manager, professor, or director, you will feel welcomed and understood. Dr. Do has expertise in communications and is a professor on the subject so that she is highly effective in developing and providing quality educational experiences to inspire and help her clients realize their goals. Paying attention to detail and high quality work are the cornerstones of Dr. Do’s efforts. She is someone who understands very intimately the importance of this job and will take this responsibility and role very seriously. She will not be satisfied unless she is convinced that she is doing the best job possible for her clients. Sincerely, Andrea Karp, Psy24161 Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  3. Jacqueline B.
    Imaging Field Service Engineer
    My experience with Dr. Do has been very insightful and healing. Dr. Do embodies qualities I hope for in working with a Life Coach. Her attention to detail is appreciated and shows she is committed in helping you understand the big picture. Her gentle confidence in me and helping me understand my personality, have been key on how I interact with others to achieve a more balanced state of communication. Her understanding of family dynamics and specifically for my family, as we have transitioned through many stages of change recently, is excellent. I have 2 grown children out of the home and an elementary age child still at home whom I have recently relocated across the United States. Dr. Do has worked with me and my goal of keeping a healthy mind and positive vibe while accepting the challenges of change. I appreciate her caring and considerate way of coaching. If you desire to work with someone who is compassionate, committed and desires to help you invest in you, I highly recommend calling and scheduling a consult with Dr. Do. Kindest Regards, Jacqueline B.
  4. Stacy Dyson
    Poet Laureate
    Personally, the lady is funny, reliable, caring, and compassionate without condescension. There is nothing of the false or mechanical about Thuy or anything to which she puts her hand or heart. She is genuine, onstage and off. Her humanity, spiritual sense, sense of self not only defines her, it reaches out and envelopes students and colleagues alike. Thuy is that rare being, a “real person”, equipped with the insight, talent, and acumen to turn a circumstance into success. Stacy Dyson Poet Laureate
  5. Dr. Noriko Watanabe
    Clinical Psychologist
    Dr. Thuy Do and I have been colleagues for the last 14 years. Dr. Do has always been a convincing leader and skilled coach in various areas. When I encounter personal or professional difficulties, she is a person whom I consult with in order to find the best solutions. Her mature nature and willingness to work with people of every cultural and ethnic background guarantees a high quality of work with her clients. Dr. Do also shows strong motivation to improve her skills and maintains high ethical standards in our exchange of clinical opinions. Dr. Do certainly demonstrates the essence of Eastern Wisdom and Western Knowledge in her practice. Sincerely, Noriko Watanabe, PsyD PSY 22509 Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice Tokyo, Japan
  6. Melanie Benn
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Dr. Do is a true spiritual guide and a key mentor to have through any life transition. She has trusted insights and provides highly effective, yet gentle and supportive, guidance to help you move through personal or professional changes. She has a diverse perspective and is a versatile practitioner. I am pleased to have worked with her for over 20 years on multiple projects. Dr. Do has offered me trusted advice and I would strongly recommend her as a coach or instructor. Melanie Benn LCSW UC San Diego Medical Center
  7. Maureen McCartney
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    "Dr. Do has been an influential colleague and life coach for over the past ten years. Her calm and warm demeanor sets a tone for optimal coaching and life advice. She is highly effective in guiding people to achieve their fullest potential in all areas of life. Thuy is especially skilled in helping others find creative ways to approach their personal and professional problems. The combination of her professional background in psychology, teaching, and communication enables her to guide people to well-balanced relationships, successful careers, and greater awareness in all areas of life. She will safely and effectively guide you in achieving your greatest life goals." Maureen McCartney, LMFT

Owner Profile

Dr. Do has a doctorate in psychology and a master’s in psychology and communication.  She has over 10 years teaching and counseling individuals of diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds.  She has experience teaching in college settings and providing leadership trainings for organizations throughout Southern California.  Dr. Do has published multiple book chapters discussing social justice issues and worked with people who had economic, social, and politic barriers.    
Dr. Do herself came as a refugee to the United States when she was two years old and is a first generation Vietnamese American.  Dr. Do’s family left their country due to war and with it, everything that was built -- family businesses, homes, and family members who could not make the journey to a new country due to age-related physical limitations.  Coming to the U.S., Dr. Do’s family members had to start all over again in a new culture.  Without knowledge of English, her father and uncles went straight to work to support the entire extended family of 15 people who came to the United States together.  Dr. Do was the first of her family to graduate from college.  Dr. Do understands the value of relationships and working smart to rebuild what sometimes is lost. 
From the lessons her family members taught her, Dr. Do has helped thousands of clients improve the quality of their lives and achieve their personal growth goals.  She has a solid background in behavioral change supported by rigorous research and academics.  Dr. Do approaches her students and clients in a humanistic manner, using Eastern philosophies of mindfulness to enhance her techniques to help others to develop into the best individuals and leaders they can be.


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  • Consulting for Companies
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  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Identity Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Skills Training
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Understanding Eastern Perspectives
  • Undersanding Western Perspectives
  • Personal Development Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relaxation Training
  • Spiritual Development
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Psycho-Education
  • Adjustment to Physical Disability
  • Life Transition



Personal Development


There are different theories that exist as to what makes a person happy.  Some research has stated that happiness is a genetic disposition.  Other studies have shown characteristics that can be developed in pursuit of happiness.  Taking what we can control, there are consistent characteristics discussed in terms of happiness.  Traits to happiness include:  acting happy, optimism, outgoingness, gratitude, being present in the moment, being genuine to who one is, giving and receiving unconditional love, and forgiveness.  New studies have also shown that older adults are happier.  It is easy to consider why older adults are happier; they have had a lifetime to build happiness skills.  However, many studies show that no matter where one is on the happiness continuum, there are practical cognitive techniques to obtain happiness.  For instance, writing down 3 things one is thankful for on a daily basis can reduce depression (Seligman, 2002).  Also, happiness is seen as an attitude so acting happy has shown to help a person become happier (Psychology Today, 2008). 
The bottom line:  no matter what one’s genetic predisposition, acting happy and cultivating behaviors of happiness can lead an individual to greater happiness. 
Practice:  A simple exercise can start you integrating the information on happiness into your emotional repertoire.  Start finding things to be thankful for in each moment and keep a journal where you write down at least 3 things you are thankful for every day. 
Suggested reading:  Martin Seligman’s research on optimism and happiness    
Written by:  Dr. T. Do, January 2016
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